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Postgraduate studies constitute an important area of the Institute’s activities. Formerly, this  function was performed by the Doctoral Studies Centre, which  - offering either a wide range of taught course or individual studies programme - prepared Doctors in Humanities. Since 1992 these activities have been significantly enriched. The Institute’s educational offer presently includes: Graduate School for Social Research, Centre for Social Studies, Post-Graduate Public Relation Studies, and Teacher Studies “Edukacja filozoficzna w szkole” (Philosophical Education in Schools). IFiS PAN is connected by an agreement with Collegium Civitas, within the framework of this agreement the scholars from the Institute supervise BA and MA studies in philosophy and sociology at this institution.

Centre for Social Studies /Graduate School for Social Research
Professor Andrzej Rychard

Centre for Social Studies / Graduate School for Social Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN educates students at MA (accredited by Lancaster University) and PhD levels. Since 2004 both programmes have been integrated, yet the autonomy was preserved due to the different character of education at MA and PhD levels.

When graduating, MA students obtain British diploma Master of Arts of Lancaster University as well as Polish certificate of graduating post-graduate studies at IFiS PAN. The education programme is carried out in English. It lasts 12 or 18 months.

During four years of studies the students of interdisciplinary PhD studies prepare their theses, which are afterwards defended in PAN or at the Universities. The taught courses are conducted either in Polish or English.

There are possibilities of (i) starting the programme from the MA level and consequently continuing it to the PhD level, (ii) finalising studies at the MA level or (iii) commencing it at the PhD level. Both programmes aim at post-graduate education of the future Polish elites as well as elites of the European countries, predominantly of Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside Polish scholars, the lecturers of CSS are the Professors from the USA, France, Australia,  Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden. The alumni either pursue academic career, or enter important job positions in administration, business or generally, public life. Presently approximately 240 students are enrolled in both programmes. The co-operation with numerous universities and international institutions is carried out (including, for instance, Salford University, Wissenschaftzentrum zu Berlin, New School for Social Research, École des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, University College London). The programmes are sponsored by grants of Higher Education Support Program (established by George Soros), as well as other foreign foundations, Scientific Research Council (KBN), IFiS PAN and other Polish sponsors.

MA programme (Centre for Social Studies) is an international programme – roughly half of the students come from abroad. It exists since 1995. Professor Edmund Mokrzycki  had been the Dean of the programme until 2000. Until 2003 the Centre played the role of the Department of Sociology of Central European University (CEU). However, since the academic year 2003/2004 it has started functioning self-dependently as an IFiS PAN programme carried out jointly with the Central European Educational Foundation. The students are offered four tracks of studies: Society and Politics, Economy and Society, Culture and Society, Media and Society. The programme is fully monitored by the British educational institutions, while the links with IFiS PAN and Lancaster University (one of the most highly valued British universities in Research Assessment Exercise system) guarantee the high quality of education. The program is aimed at the graduates of social sciences and humanities with an MA and BA (or foreign equivalents). The students have to pay tuition fees, yet there are opportunities for various forms of exemption from paying tuition fees.  

PhD programme ( Graduate School for Social Research) also is an international programme, roughly one third of the students enrolled in it come from abroad. It exists since 1992 and until 2004 Professor Stefan Amsterdamski was its Dean. The school has twice (in 1995 and 2000) won Hannah Arendt Award established by Korber Stiftung and awarded by the international jury headed by Lord Ralph Dahrendorf, and formed by the Vienna Institute of Human Sciences. The doctoral studies are interdisciplinary within the scope of social sciences and humanities. After graduating from the studies the candidates defend their theses in a given discipline. Many theses are defended at IFiS PAN. The programme is aimed for the graduates of the universities with an MA diploma (or its foreign equivalent). The students from Central and Eastern Europe do not have to pay tuition fees, and the best students receive scholarships.
Address: 00-330 Warsaw,  Nowy Świat 72,
(MA programme): tel. (48 22) 828-80-09, fax (48 22) 826-48-21, Room 276
(PhD programme): tel. (48 22) 826-87-33, Room 247

One-year Post Graduate Study in Public Relations - Marek Kłosiński, Associate Professor, Head

The program was established in 1996 in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at Warsaw University (ISNS UW) and the International Foundation for Capital Market Development and Property Transformations in the Republic of Poland Privatisation Centre.
The objective of this study is to educate highly qualified specialists in contemporary techniques of information management and communication of organisations with their environment. The studies offer a one-year comprehensive training course which meets the standards of education of professionals in public relations, established by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), and accepted by CERP (Confedération Européenne de Relations Publiques). Lecturers are recruited from the research staff of IFiS, the Institute of Applied Social Sciences and the best professionals from other research centres in and abroad.

Students are required to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Depending of the kind of their former education they have a possibility of individual shaping of their own studies track. Graduates receive a Polish-English diploma signed by ISNS UW and IFiS PAN  and the certificate of graduating post-graduate studies course from Warsaw University.
Address: 00-927 Warsaw, Nowy Świat 69, Room 2
tel./fax: (48 22) 856-68-04; 55 20 134

Collegium Civitas  - Professor Stanisław Mocek
Collegium Civitas is a non-public institution of higher learning established in 1997 in Warsaw under the patronage of Institute of the Political Studies PAN, IFiS PAN, Institute of History PAN, Institute of Slavonic Studies PAN and Institute of Art PAN. It offers full time and extra-mural studies as well as supplementary MA studies (after the 3rd year of university studies) in sociology. The BA studies (both full-time and extra-mural) are offered in four disciplines: international relations, journalism, political science and philosophy. The school also offers post-graduate studies. These includes two year course in diplomacy combined  with internship at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Chancellery of President and Polish embassies abroad; one-year studies in history and two-years journalist studies (for BA holders), with reportage and writing workshops. The Collegium's faculty consists of lecturers from PAN institutes and other academic centres, mainly from Warsaw. Moreover, the intensive courses in six foreign languages are offered, and the students have possibilities of taking part in the international research projects and seminars.
Address: 00-950 Warsaw, Pl. Defilad 1, PKiN, XII floor
Tel. (48 22) 656 71 87-89, fax: (48 22) 656 77 7