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IFiS holds regular thematic seminars (usually on a monthly basis) from October to June. The participants are mainly IFiS PAN employees and invited quests. The conditions of participation are defined by the organisers and people holding seminars, for instance some seminar holders make the interviews for seminar candidates.  

Polish Panel Survey POLPAN
Organiser: Professor Kazimierz M. Słomczyński

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Contact for organizational matters: Danuta Zyczynska-Ciolek, Tel. (48 22) 657-29-52,

Ethics in Business, Economy and Management
Organiser: Professor Wojciech Gasparski, Professor Anna Lewicka-Strzałecka (IFiS PAN Business Ethics Centre jointly with WSPiZ and the Praxiological Society).
Contact : tel. (48 22) 657-28-28, fax. (48 22) 826-78-23

Philosophical Issues of the Foundations of Knowledge
Organiser: Professor Alina Motycka and Zbigniew Król, Associate Professor
Contact : (48 22) 657-27-65, fax. (48 22) 826-78-23

Sacrum and Violence
Organiser: Zbigniew Mikołejko, Associate Professor
Contact: tel. (48 22) 657-28-27, fax.(48 22) 826-78-23

Seminar of the Research Group on Social Change and Tradition
Organiser:Prof. Joanna Kurczewska
Contact: tel. (48 22) 657-28-98, 657-28-34, fax. (48 22) 826-78-23

Monster, Savage, Androgyny. Norm and Difference versus Cultural Definitions of Carnality.Organiser: Anna Wieczorkiewicz, Associate Professor and Anna Bator, Assistant Professor