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Małgorzata CZARNOCKA, Professor, Head

Zbigniew Król, Associate Professor
ŁUGOWSKI Włodzimierz, Professor
NIŻNIK Józef, Professor

Cooperation, Andrzej Gecow, Associate Professor

The research project Post-analytical Philosophy and Science is based on the assumption claiming that the potential of analytical philosophy in investigating science gradually vanish. Besides conceptual and methodical instruments accepted in analytical philosophy are too narrow (due to its restricted program foundation) to give overall images of science, i.e. such ones which solve important problems concerning science, among other the problem of interrelation between science (treated as an epistemic phenomenon) and civilizations. The research project aims to identify, classify, and analyse those recently offered non-analytical theoretical proposals of grasping science as well as earlier conceptions worth of reactivating.  The investigations final aim is to elaborate original insights in science, at least partial ones, i.e., such ones which are determined by specific problems or/and accepted perspectives.

In 2011 the research workers of the Department published the book (in Polish) Archai. Philosophy and Science. Faces of Presence. ” It is a collection of 16 essays and studies written by Polish scholars from different academic institutions.” In 2013 the annual “Filozofia i nauka. Studia filozoficzne i interdyscylinarne”  (Philosophy and Science. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies) has been established; the enterprise is a result of the collaboration of the Department with scholars from various academic institutions in Poland. The annual mission consists in presenting all investigations on science permormed recently or influenceable on present considerations concerning science. The annual does not limit its scope to one philosophical tradition, postulating that the collapse of various traditions gives a synergy effect.  

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