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Danilo Facca, Associate Professor
Professor Eugeniusz Górski
Sławomir Mazurek, Associate Professor
Maciej Soin, Associate Professor
Wojciech Starzyński, Assistant Professor
Lech Szczucki, Professor Emeritus of IFiS

Department of History of Modern Philosophy

The department was established in 1955 and since then has focused on the history of philosophy and ideas in the modern era, namely on: (i) the history of Renaissance philosophy as well as scholastics in the era of reformation; (ii) the history of the thought of the radical reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries, with special emphasis on Socynianism; (iii) the history of philosophy of the XVII century; (iv) the history of philosophy of the Polish and French Enlightenment; (v) the editing of the modern philosophical texts; (vi) the selected issues of contemporary Italian philosophy with particular emphasis on neo-Aristotelism and neo-scholastics.

In the last six years the Department has conducted the following research projects, financed by the Scientific Research Council (in co-operation with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Korespondencja Andrzeja Duditha (Andrew Dudith’s Letters), edited by Lech Szczucki and Tibor Szepessy: Epistulae, Vol. III–IV (printed: Budapest 1998–2000), Epistulae, Vol. V-VI (forthcoming) and An anthology of the Polish Enlightenment, edited by Marian Skrzypek. Other publications include: D. Facca, Humanizm i filozofia w nauczaniu Adama Burskiego (Humanism and Philosophy in the Teaching of Adam Burski) (2000), published in the series Studia z historii filozofii i idei (Studies in the History of Philosophy and Ideas) (25 volumes on history of philosophical thought and intellectual history have been published).

The department co-operates with academic institutions in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Hungary. It also conducts a monthly seminar (from October to June) on the history of philosophy and intellectual history in the 15th–18th centuries.

Department of Contemporary Philosophy

Established in 1990, the Department focuses on studies in contemporary philosophy in various linguistic and cultural areas, mainly on: (i) the connections of Polish philosophy (and its individual philosophical schools) with world philosophy; (ii) contemporary Spanish and Latin American philosophy and a comparative history of ideas in the Spanish-speaking countries and Central and Eastern Europe; (iii) Russian philosophical and social thought; (iv) selected issues of German philosophy (the heritage of the Lebensphilosophie and phenomenology); (v) the role and importance of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy for contemporary thought; (vi) selected issues of French philosophy (particularly the work of Albert Camus and Jacques Derrida). The Department also houses the Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, with Maciej Soin as its President.

The Department is involved in international co-operation in various research areas. Among its partners are the Institute of Philosophy Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Centificas (CSIC) in Madrid (Eugeniusz Górski within the framework of “Philosophy and Democracy in Polish and Spanish perspectives”); Siegen University, Germany (Stanisław Borzym, Polish-German conferences on 19th and 20th century philosophy), École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris.

The recent significant publications of the Department members include: E. Górski, Latin America and East-Central Europe (2001), M. Soin, Gramatyka i Metafizyka, Problem Wittgensteina (Grammar and Metaphysics, the Question of Wittgenstein) (Wrocław 2001, post-doctoral thesis), W. Szydłowska, Camus (2002). S. Borzym was the project director of the grant endowed by the Scientific Research Council Filozofia polska XX wieku (Polish Philosophy in the 20th century), aimed at publishing (in the Publishing Houses Prószyński i S-ka and IFiS PAN) a series of volumes on Polish philosophers and thinkers in the 20th century. The volumes already published in the series include Leopold Blaustein by Z. Rosińska, and Kazimierz Twardowski by J. Bobryk released in 2002 as volumes four and five respectively; in 2003 the book Feliks Konieczny by J.Skoczyński was published, while in 2004 – Brzozowski. Inspiracje nietzscheańskie (Nietzsche inspirations) by P.Pieniążek.

Other publications include: S.Borzym, Przeszłość dla przyszłości (The Past for the Future) (Warsaw 2003); W.Szydłowska, Nihilizm i dekonstrukcja (Nihilism and Deconstruction) (Warsaw 2003); E.Górski, Rozważania o społeczeństwie obywatelskim oraz inne studia o historii idei (Reflections on Civil Society and Other Studies on Intellectual History) (Warsaw 2003); S. Mazurek, Filantrop, czyli nieprzyjaciel i inne szkice o rosyjskim renesansie religijno-filozoficznym (Philanthropist, or Enemy and Other Essays on Russian Religious-Philosophical Renaissance) (Warsaw 2004).

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