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Mikołaj OLSZEWSKI, Professor, Head

Marcin BUKAŁA. Assistant Professor
Andrzej DUMAŁA, Assistant Professor
Piotr LICHACZ, Assistant Professor,
Włodzimierz ZEGA, Assistant Professor
Dorota ZYGMUNTOWICZ, Assistant Professor

Research in this unit focuses on 13th century scholastics and late mediaeval thought. Mediaeval studies involve source analysis, their inventory, cataloguing and editorial work. Among the most important projects is the preparation of the Katalog Rękopisów Biblioteki Jagiellońskiej (Catalogue of Manuscripts of the Jagiellonian Library). Additionally, the edition of the following works is being made: Kazania (Sermons) by Marcin Polak (D. Wójcik), Compendium divinorum by Heimeryk de Campo (A. Dumała), fragments of Komentarz do “Sentencji” (Commentary to “Sentences”) by Wilhelm of Ware (M. Olszewski). These projects are vital for international mediaeval studies, as they broaden the knowledge of mediaeval texts and provide research material for studies of the wider range of scholars. Editorial work is a necessary preliminary stage of the study of mediaeval texts that is supplemented by the reconstruction of theories and determination of their locus in the history of mediaeval thought. Research conducted here includes scholastic meta-theology, the doctrines taught at Prague University in the second half of the 14th century and Heimeryk de Campo’s natural theology.

The Department publishes two internationally known mediaeval studies journals, Studia Mediewistyczne i Antyczne (Mediaeval and Ancient Studies) and Mediaevalia Philosophica Polonorum.

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