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Professor Jacek Malinowski (head of the Depatment),
Professor Szymon Wróbel,
Associate Professor Katarzyna Budzynska,
Associate Professor Marcin Miłkowski,
Assistant Professor Joanna Klimczyk,

Assistant Professor Paweł Gładziejewski (project FUGA),

Research: Logic, Argumentation, Rethorics, Cognitive Science, Mind, Normativity- Practical Philosophy.

JACEK MALINOWSKI is interested in logic and logical pragmatics. He runs, as the editor-in-chief, an international logical journal Studia Logica. Studia Logica has been founded in 1953 by Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz w 1953. It is owned by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences and published by  Springer. Studia Logica is indexed in the database Journal Citation Report, see for more. Since 2003 Studia Logica has organized annual international conferences devoted to current themes of logical research. Till 2013 12 conferences took place. More on Studia Logica and on Springer webpage.He works as well in Department of Logic Nicolaus Copernicus University.

www is focused on research related to cognitive science aimed at explaining human social behavior. Topics of his research work in recent years: The evolution of cooperative behaviors and symbolic communication (2013), Risk and cooperation. Uncertainty about the behavior of others (2012), Types of memory in the light of contemporary psychological and neurological studies (2011), Phenomenological and cognitive understanding of language (2010), The specificity of evolutionary explanation of the origin of Marc D. Hauser’s moral grammar (2009), Envy from the perspective of game theory (2008), The limits of modularity. The case of social cognition module (2007).

is interested in the formal analysis of communicative processes of argumentation, dialogue and persuasion. She is the head of the group ZeBRaS and a member of ARG: dundee. Her papers were published in journals such as Fundamenta Informaticae and Synthese. Budzynska coordinates the activities of a nationwide initiative ArgDiaP

MARCIN MIŁKOWSKI is interested in the philosophy of cognitive science (and coordinates a seminar on this topic in the institute). His focus is the theory of computational explanation (Explaining the Computational Mind, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2013), the role of representation in cognitive processes and the mechanistic account of explanation. Member of the 7th EU Framework Program coordination networks (EuCogIII i SINTELNET). With Robert Poczobut, he edited Przewodnik po filozofii umysłu [Companion to the Philosophy of Mind] (W.A.M., Kraków 2012); with Konrad Talmont-Kamiński, he organizes annual workshops in Kazimierz Dolny on naturalism in philosophy.

focuses on practical philosophy, in particular on the problem of normativity. Her research has been supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Foundation for Polish Science, the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria. Currently she holds a postdoc position at Tadeusz Szubka’s unit in the Department of Philosophy at University of Szczecin funded by the National Science Centre (FUGA 2012-2015).  Since 2010, she has been a lecturer at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Science.

Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN,
00-330 Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72, Room 225,
tel. (48 22) 657-28-28; fax. (48 22) 826-78-23