Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii
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Zbigniew MIKOŁEJKO, Associate Professor, Head

KUBIAK Anna E., Associate Professor

HALL Dorota, Assistant Professor

Rafał SMOCZYNSKI, Researcher

Research Associate - Małgorzata RAJTAR, Assistant Professor

Research carried out in the unit aims at elaborating a concept of religion as an expression of the existential experience of a believer. Religion is considered here from the subject’s perspective. This approach leads to a subjectivist reduction of the truth-oriented pursuit of philosophical theology. The task of such a philosophy of religion is to step beyond the empirical facts of religion studied in sociology, psychology or the history of religion. This approach attempts to attune phenomenology and the history of religion by ‘historising’ phenomenology and giving it a shape of ‘dynamic phenomenology’, and, by ‘phenomenologizing historicism’ through making it more sensitive to the value and existential sense of the experience of sacrum.

Over recent years the Department has pursued the following research themes: (i) the phenomenology of religion and historicism; (ii) the issue of spiritualistic metaphysics; (iii) “new spirituality” and its inherent antinomies; (iv) sacrum and violence in contemporary world (especially the sacralisation of violence and its religious or para-religious justifications); (v) new Christian interpretations of sin, evil, guilt and punishment; (vi) new religious phenomena (sects, cults, neo-paganism, the Secular City religiosity, the “invisible religiosity”, etc.); (vii) the religious and political mythologies of the right; (viii) the religious and political worldviews in contemporary Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; (ix) religious-philosophical aspects of dictatorships, authoritarian and totalitarian systems.

The department’s major publications include two collective volumes: Z. Mikołejko, Elementy filozofii (Elements of Philosophy) (Warsaw 1998–2002, five editions); Żywoty świętych poprawione (The Lives of Saints Revised) (Warsaw 2000); Śmierć i tekst: Sytuacja ostateczna w perspektywie słowa (Death and the Text: Final Situation in the Perspective of the Word) (Gdańsk 2001). Mirosław Nowaczyk, Professor Emeritus of IFiS PAN, who worked in the Department for many years, is the author of Lanternari i szkoła rzymska antropologii religii (Lanternari and the Roman School of the Anthropology of Religion) (Warsaw 2000). In 2002 M. Milewska published Ocet i łzy. Terror Wielkiej Rewolucji Francuskiej jako doświadczenie traumatyczne (Vinegar and Tears. The Terror of the French Revolution as a Traumatic Experience) (Gdańsk). This book was awarded Polityka award for 2002 and was nominated for NIKE Award.

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