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Maria GOŁĘBIEWSKA, Associate Professor
Andrzej LEDER, Associate Professor
KLIMCZYK Joanna, Assistant Professor

Established in 1995, the Group carries out research in the transformations in the contemporary culture of recent decades. The main objective is to foster the philosophical awareness of these transformations by revising previous assumptions and redefining basic categories. Also, the Group’s members are interested in how these transformations affect the methodological consciousness of the social sciences and human studies: psychology, history, sociology, aesthetics, psychoanalysis and gender studies. The Group’s research focuses on individual theoretical problems within the framework of the research project “Dwudziestowieczna filozofia kultury i jej podstawowe kontrowersje” (20th century Philosophy of Culture and its Major Controversies).

The preparation of the following post-doctoral theses is presently at the advanced stage: M. Gołębiewska’s “O relacji przedstawienia i rzeczywistości w fenomenologii nurtu post-Heideggerowskiego” (On the Relation of Representation and Reality in Post-Heideggerian Phenomenology) and A. Leder’s “O filozoficznym pojęciu losu” (On the Philosophical Concept of Fate). The Group’s activities up to the present moment resulted in the numerous individual publications and translations, including: K.Rosner, Narracja, tożsamość i czas (Narration, Identity and Time) (Kraków 2003); A. Leder, Nieświadomość jako pustka (Non-Consciousness as Void) (Warsaw 2001) and Przemiana mitów druga (The Second Transformation of Myths) (Warsaw 2004); M. Gołębiewska, Demontaż atrakcji. O estetyce audiowizualności (Demontage of Attraction. On the Aesthetics of Audio-Visuality) (Gdańsk 2003) and Między wątpieniem a pewnością. O związku języka racjonalności z filozofią poststrukturalizmu (Between Doubt and Certainty. On the Links of Language of Rationality with the Post-Structural Philosophy) (Kraków 2004). The Group’s members are involved in a three-year co-operative project “Contemporary Gender Studies and its Dilemma” with the Sociology Department of Goldsmiths College, University of London. As part of this project the Group organised a Polish-British conference in 2000, resulting in three books by the Group’s members published in Great Britain. The Group also co-operates with a group of the French researchers from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris within the programme “Constitution of Individual and Social Identity in Late Modernist Societies”. In 1999-2002, as part of this programme, three Polish-French conferences where the Group’s members took part were held in Paris and Warsaw. In 2003 the collective volume of texts was published within Kultura i Społeczeństwo journal (no. 3, 2003).

Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN,
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