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Paweł DYBEL, Professor, Head

Adam Lipszyc, Assistant Professor

Established in 2000, the Group carries out research into the influence of psychoanalysis on the humanities, contemporary philosophy, and feminist approaches starting with the turn of the 19th century. Research focuses on the following questions: (i) which elements of Freudian psychoanalysis have played a vital part in contemporary thought? (ii) what were the stages of this influence and how they have changed? (iii) to what extent is Sigmund Freud’s (and his followers) theory still a source of inspiration for philosophers and human studies scholars? (iv) to what extent is it a new kind of hermeneutics of culture, divergent from the existing hermeneutic tradition? (v) in what sense is Freud’s concept of “sexual difference” a breakthrough in the thinking on gender issues in European thought? (vi) to what extent has it inspired 20th century feminist movements?

In the last twenty years a key role in the reception and continuation of Freudian theory has been played by the representatives of so-called post-structuralism (Lacan, Derrida, Foucault, Barthes et al), therefore their position is prominent in the Group’s research. Another important area of research is the post-structuralist transformation in feminist thought (Irigaray, Kristeva, Butler, et al). Moreover, the feminist theories of the contemporary Japanese culture are studied. The Group focuses on the discerning of the positive and philosophically innovative aspects of “deconstruction” of psychoanalysis within the framework of post-structuralism.

Major publications include: P. Dybel, Urwane ścieżki. Przybyszewski – Freud – Lacan (Discontinued Paths: Przybyszewski – Freud – Lacan) (Kraków 2000); Duch i dusza (Spirit and Soul) P. Dybel (ed.) (Warsaw 2001); Psychoanaliza i literatura (Psychoanalysis and Literature); P. Dybel and M. Głowiński (ed.) (Gdańsk 2001); and J. Bator, Feminizm, postmodernizm, psychoanaliza (Feminism, Postmodernism, and Psychoanalysis) (Gdańsk 2002).

Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN,
00-330 Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72, Room 227,
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