Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii
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Stanisław CZERNIAK,  Professor, Head

Agata BIELIK-ROBSON, Associate Professor
Andrzej GNIAZDOWSKI. Associate Professor
BRUDZIŃSKA Jagna, Assistant Professor
The Group’s research focuses on issues of theoretical identity of contemporary philosophical anthropology and its relationships with social philosophy. For a number of years the Group's main area of research has covered anthropological categories of subjectivity, freedom, inter-subjectivity, interest, compensation, contingency, and mimesis, which have constituted the centre of anthropological debate on the philosophy of man in the past century. The Group is working on a collective publication on the relationship between anthropology and social philosophy, which will demonstrate the influence of selected anthropologicalmodels upon current projects of social philosophy. The main sources for this analysis are contemporary German and English philosophy (Husserl, Scheler, Gehlen, Arendt, Patoèka, Habermas, Marquardt, Böhme, Taylor, Bloom).

Since 2005 Tadeusz Gadacz, Associate Professor, has joined the Group. Being the student of Prof. J. Tischner, he is an expert on the philosophy of dialogue. T. Gadacz currently prepares the synthetic edition of philosophy of the 20th century. In 2004 he finalised the edition of the 10-volume encyclopaedia Religia (Religion), which has won him the awards of the Minister of Culture and „Nowe Książki (New Books)”.

Major publications of the Group members include: S. Czerniak, Lorenz, Plessner, Habermas. Dylematy antropologiczne filozofii współczesnej (Lorenz, Plessner, Habermas. Anthropological Dilemmas of Contemporary Philosophy) (Toruń 2002), Wokół klasyków socjologii wiedzy. Studia z pojęciowego pogranicza filozofii i socjologii (Around the Classics of the Sociology of Knowledge. Studies at the Conceptual Borderland of Philosophy and Sociology) (Toruń 2004); A. Bielik-Robson, Inna nowoczesnoœæ: Pytania o współczesną formułę duchowości (A Different Modernity.Questions on the Contemporary Form of Spirituality) (Kraków 2000), Duch powierzchni. Rewizja romantyczna i filozofia (Spirit of Surface. Romanticist Revision and Philosophy) (Kraków 2004).

The Group members co-operate with foreign research centres in the country (Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Warsaw University, Collegium Civitas) and abroad (the Department of Philosophy and Politics of Manchester 39 Metropolitan University, the Centre for Theoretical Study at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences at Prague, Centre for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, and Department of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton). They are also involved in publishing projects aimed at presenting Polish Reader with the achievements of contemporary philosophical anthropol ogy (editions of or comments on Ch. Taylor, H. Bloom, G. Böhme, O. Marquardt, B. Waldenfels and others).

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