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Paulina Dlouhy, M. A., Head
Maria Młoczkowska, MA

“The exhaustive and accurate bibliography is one of the most important factors of the scientific work organization. This belief has been accepted even here (…) Yet, not in each field of scientific work this belief has been transposed at the level of action; in the field of philosophy, where the lack [of bibliography] curtails the continuity of work more than in other fields, the situation is perhaps the worst. We are lacking both retrospective bibliography of Polish philosophy (…) and exhaustive bibliography of the current Polish philosophy. The first problem was addressed by the Committee of the History of Polish Philosophy established by the Kraków Academy of Skills (…)” – Professor Kazimierz Twardowski wrote in 1918 (article “W sprawie polskiej bibliografii filozoficznej” (On Polish philosophical bibliography) in Ruch Filozoficzny (Philosophical Movement) r. 4: 1914-1918, no. 4). However, this Committee has not succeeded in solving this problem. Only after the Second World war the activities in this field were undertaken. As a result the three full volumes of the retrospective Bibliografia filozofii polskiej  (Bibliography of Polish Philosophy) (ed. by A.Kadler) have been published as well as – up to the present moment – two parts of the forth volume (ed. by A.Przymusiała).

The main components of each volume are personal bibliographies of Polish and foreign authors. According to the accepted premises, the bibliography of Polish authors, whose academic activity was most intense during the period covered by a given volume, consists of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources cover all Polish and foreign original publications, reprints and translations of their philosophical work (incl. reviews, polemics, etc.), whereas secondary sources cover all studies on their work (incl. reprints and reviews) both Polish and foreign published from the beginning of their career until the moment set as a time limit of a given volume. Bibliographies of authors who began their career in a period covered by a given volume consist only of primary sources, limited to publications that were released in those years. Bibliographies of foreign authors (regardless of the period when they were active) covers those works only (including reprints and reviews) that were published during the period a given volume covers; as to primary sources there are translations into Polish (regardless of the country of publication) and foreign-language editions (published on the territory of pre-partition Poland); as to secondary sources, the bibliography comprises pertinent literature translated into Polish or written by Poles in foreign languages.

Indicating the works of Polish authors who were active in certain periods and the literature devoted to these authors, The Bibliography shows philosophers and philosophy (of) a given period and the current state of knowledge about the period and authors. The Bibliography of foreign authors shows the reception of Polish philosophy in a given period. Thus each volume of the Bibliography is, in a way, a history of Polish philosophy of corresponding periods.
Bibliografia filozofii polskiej (The Bibliography of Polish Philosophy) is an edition that records all philosophical publications regardless of their value. It is annotated, national and primary (i. e. description is based on first-hand reading). It includes not only well-known texts but also those that have sunk into oblivion or those that are completely unknown. The Bibliography is the first and the only (so far) philosophical bibliography thus constructed in . The section is now working on the philosophical bibliography of 1919–1949.

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