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Włodzimierz Ługowski, Associate Professor, Head

Assistant professor, Krzysztof Chodasewicz (projekt SONATA) mail:

This is relatively the youngest Group established in June 2005, which concentrates on three areas. (1) The analysis of the philosophical bases of the natural science theories. (2) The study of the main streams of the contemporary philosophy of nature. This primarily refers to the analysis of the ontological, epistemological and metaphilosophical premises underlying these streams as opposed to the processual holism. (3) The problem of the relations between the philosophy of nature and social philosophy. The issue of the legitimacy of using the methods and concepts of natural sciences for the justification of the social doctrines is of the foremost importance here.

The tasks for 2005-2007 include the organization of two international symposia as well as preparing two collective volumes for publishing. The latter is being implemented within the framework of the research project “Philosophy of Nature Today” coordinated by W.Ługowski and implemented on the basis on the bi-lateral agreement between the Polish Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Sciences (in co-operation with Prof. Michał Tempczyk and Prof. Władysław Krajewski). The most important publications prepared by the Group include: Paradoks Empedoklesa. Teorie biogenezy – przewodnik filozoficzny (The Paradox of Empedocles. Theories of biogenezis – philosophical guide) (forthcoming in PWN), Filozofia de la naturaleza hoy (Philosophy de la naturaleza hoy) (manuscript being prepared for print).

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