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Professor Henryk Domański, Head

Krzysztof Jasiecki, Associate Professor
Zbigniew Karpiński, Associate Professor
Dariusz Przybysz, Assistant Professor 
Irina Dubrow, Assistant Professor

Włodzimierz Wesołowski, Professor Emeritus

The activity of the Group focuses on the issues of broadly understood social structure. The work in conducted in two directions: (i) classical issues of stratification and mobility processes in Poland, (ii) international comparative studies on stratification, (iii) the search for the Polish equivalent of Western middle class and underclass and (iv) social inequalities conditioned by gender in Poland. The data obtained through the representative research conducted on nation-wide samples form the empirical bases for the analysis. Within the framework of the stratification approach the analysis focus on the changes in the rigidity of barriers, social distance and the principles of payment (whether the role of the meritocratic criteria of income distribution is increasing) linked to the formation of the capitalist market. As far as so called middle class is concerned, the analysis carried out in this direction aim at establishing, if the attitudes and life-style typical of this strata in Western countries emerge in Poland.

These are the relatively recent publications of the Group’s members: H. Domański, On the Verge of Convergence. Social Stratification in Eastern Europe (Budapest 2000), Hierarchie i bariery społeczne w Polsce w latach 90-tych (Hierarchies and Social Barriers in Poland in the 1990s) (Warsaw 2000): H. Domański, K.Lutyńska, A.Rostocki, Spojrzenie na metodę (Look at Method) (Warsaw 2000); H. Domański, M. Ingham, H. Ingham, Women in the Polish Labour Market (Budapest 2000); K. Jasiecki, Elita biznesu w Polsce (Polish Business Elite) (Warsaw 2002); W.Wesołowski, Partie. Nieustające kłopoty (Parties: Constant Trouble) (Warsaw 2001); W.Wesołowski (ed.), Obciążeni polityką (Burdened by Politics) (Warsaw 2002). The most recent publications include: H. Domański, Polska klasa średnia (Polish Middle Class) (Wrocław 2002), Struktura społeczna (Social Structure) (Warsaw 2004), O ruchliwości społecznej w Polsce (On Social Mobility in Poland) (Warszawa 2004).

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