Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii
Wersja polska


Henryk Domański, Professor, Head
Dariusz Przybysz, MA
Paweł Sztabiński, Associate Professor
Franciszek Sztabiński, Assistant Professor

The Group is engaged in analysing the possibilities of improving research tools and methodology as well as data processing. The current tasks of the Group members include: (i) the study of the advantages and disadvantages of various techniques of data collection -ranging from the classical survey method to CATI and CAPI; (ii) analyses of the effect of so called non-available respondents and their impact on the quality of data; (iii) the analysis of the so-called effect of interviewer on the results of the measurement; (iv) analyses of the influence of errors committed at such stages of research as tool preparation and research proper on the results of the analysis; (v) the study on statistical analysis techniques and computer software from the point of view of their application to the analysis of sociological problems. The bibliography of Polish publications in methodology is being constantly collected. The Group makes use of the field research results obtained by the Centre of Sociological Research (ORBS). The Group members are on the editorial board of the journal Ask: Społeczeństwo, Badania, Metody (Ask: Society, Research, Methods) published by IFiS since 1995. Ask is the only Polish periodical dealing exclusively with the methodology of sociological research.

Major publications include: the collective work edited by H. Domański, K. Lutyńska, and A. Rostocki, Spojrzenie na metodę (Look at Method), (Warsaw 2000); Podręcznik ankietera (The Interviewer’s Guide), edited by Z. Sawiński, P. Sztabiński, F. Sztabiński (Warsaw 2000) as well as collective work edited by P. Sztabiński, F. Sztabiński and Z. Sawiński Nowe metody, nowe podejścia badawcze w naukach społecznych (New Methods, New Research Approaches in Social Sciences) (Warsaw 2004).

Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN,
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