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Barbara Engelking-Boni, Associate Professor, Head
Dariusz Libionka, Assistant Professor

The Group co-operates with: Professor Jan Grabowski, historian from the University of Ottawa (Canada), Marta Janczewska, MA ŻIH; Jacek Leociak, Assistant Professor, IBL PAN; Małgorzata Melchior, Assistant Professor, sociologist from ISNS UW; Alina Skubińska, MA, historian, Polish representative of US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington; Jakub Petelewicz, Assistant Professor at IH UW; Monika Poloit, MA, ŻIH; Andrzej Żbikowski, ŻIH, IPN; Marcin Urynowicz, IPN. The Group of Holocaust Studies was established on July 2, 2003. The Group consists of researchers representing various disciplines of humanities: historians, literary critics, sociologists and psychologists. The interdisciplinary research carried out by the Group relies upon different methodologies, breaks from formerly accepted models of describing Holocaust, uncovers various cognitive perspectives and viewpoints, which show the diversity and ambiguity of historical matter, and searches for new unknown and unconventional sources. Every month the seminars are organized at IFiS PAN that are open to all interested in Holocaust issues.

The Group’s publications include: B. Engelking-Boni, Szanowny Panie Gistapo (Dear Mr. Gistapo); J. Grabowski, Ja tego Żyda znam (I know This Jew). In 2005 the first volume of the annual academic periodical devoted to the issues of Jewish Holocaust in Poland entitled “Zagłada. Studia i Materiały” (Holocaust. Studies and Materials) was published.

Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN,
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