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Head: Joanna Kurczewska, Professor

Joanna Kurczewska, Professor  -
sociologist and historian of ideas, her field of interest include: theoretical sociology, sociology of history, history of sociology, sociology of culture, sociology of the nation, sociology and anthropology of local communities.

Hanna Palska, Associate Professor
  sociologist, specialist in Polish studies and in the area of qualitative research methods. Other areas of interest: civil society in Poland after 1989, historical transformation of the ethos of Polish intelligentsia, sociology of everyday life, research of lifestyles in the stratification perspectives.

Hanna Bojar, Assistant Professor
 sociologist, her fields of interest include: community studies (especially in the area of border communities), family studies and research on national minorities and immigrants in cultural perspective.

Justyna Straczuk, Assistant Professor
anthropologist of culture, interested in different borders and borderlines, especially between West and East (her research is located at the borderline between Poland, Belarus and Lithuania). Her field of interest includes as well studies of emotions in their cultural and sociological context, as well as qualitative methodology

Piotr Filipkowski, Assistant Professor
- sociologist, his fields of interest include studies on social identity and individual and collective memory (autobiographical memory, narrative identitsociologist, his field of interest includes studies on social identity and individual and collective memory (autobiographical memory, narrative identit and their social context). His research is focused on interdiscilpinary studies of oral history in the area of experience and memory of II world war.

Piotr Binder, PhD candidate - sociologist, philologist, works in the area of qualitative studies, grounded theory and field work methodology. His field work is located in the area of rural sociology and sociology of poverty.

Anna Wylegała, PhD

Zuzanna Bogumił, PhD; Agnieszka Chmielewska, PhD; Jerzy Jestal, PhD; Marta Karkowska, PhD; Magdalena Lejzerowicz-Zajączkowska, PhD; Mikołaj Pawlak, PhD; Małgorzata Rajtar, PhD; Yasuko Shibata, PhD. 

The Research Group combines theoretical interests with empirical studies based on qualitative research methods. In the area of theoretical reflection and research methodology, its members aim to combine the achievements of sociology and cultural anthropology, with special focus on Polish sociological and anthropological tradition.

The Group's work consists on creating a multidimensional strategy of long-term programme on research of social and cultural change, focusing mostly on the changes taking place in contemporary Poland and its social and cultural surroundings.

Main research fields:

Social change and social order.
Qualitative methodology in the areas of sociology, anthropology and in between.
Local communities.
Cultural dimension of social differences, with a special focus on lifestyles.
Social and cultural dimensions of emotions.|

National and international research projects:

Apart from individual projects, in the years 2002 – 2010, the Group completed a few big research projects which concerned: a/ the role of local traditions in the construction of democratic political culture and of local civil societies, b/ social perception of borderlines and their role of constructing individual and collective identities in their local, national and supranational dimensions, in the context of European integration, c/ local reinterpretations of the European project.

Group's new projects focus on:

a/ research on local forms of social solidarity in the face of different threats of natural, social or technological nature;

b/ research on individual and collective experiences of religious, ideological and migratory nature amongst others, as well as on changes of lifestyles in the context of the emerging European society;

c/ research on young unemployed and their place in the society of the integrating Europe, carried on as part of the "YOUNEX" project (7th EU Framework Programme). Members of the Research Group are responsible for the qualitative research within the project.

The research interests mentioned above constitute a framework for a seminar run by Prof. Joanna Kurczewska for the last several years, titled "Local, Regional, National and Supranational: Four Approaches to Social Change and Social Order", as well as for the publishing series "Faces of the Locality", currently in the process of transformation into academic journal.

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