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Barbara Gruszka, MA, Editor in Chief
Elżbieta Morawska, MA
Anna Piotrowska, MA

The Publishers of Institute of Philosophy and Sociology publish books, periodicals and non-periodical series in the areas of philosophy, sociology, and praxiology. The Publishers publish books mostly in Polish (approximately 25 yearly), and in the congress languages. The authors are mostly researchers working at IFiS. Yet, the Publishers also consider the outstanding works in philosophy and sociology, including the translations, which are created outside the Institute. Moreover, it publishes books submitted by other academic centres in Poland. The supervision of the IFiS Publishers Board as well as editorial boards and editorial commissions of the journals and serial publications that apply the standard reviewing procedure ensure the high academic level of the books and journals. Books published by IFiS Publishers can be purchased in its office and in large bookstores throughout Poland.

The book distribution is supervised by Grupa Matras Ltd., 01-219 Warsaw, Zwrotnicza 6.
Sales abroad are carried out by Ars Polonia, 03-933 Warsaw, Obrońców 25. The orders via Internet can be made by e-mail (see the address below) or in the online bookstore Merlin (

Address: 00-330 Warsaw, Nowy Swiat 72, Room 231
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