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BOOKS 2008

The Normative Environment of European Integration Social, Political and Cultural Obstacles to Compliance with European Norms. Editor – Józef Niżnik, IFiS Publishers, Warsaw 2008.

This publication has been possible thanks to support by the EU 6th Framework Programme - CONNEX: “Efficient and democratic in a multilevel Europe”



Table of Contents


Józef Niżnik
Introduction. European integration discourse and compliance with European norms: making supranational order

Part One
Enlarging the EU – Expanding the European normative framework

Christoph Klika
The unwelcome guest: norms in the EU’s foreign and security policies.Austrian neutrality as a case of contested compliance?

Ingi Iusmen
A credible EU involvement with human rights?

Eugene Moussa Mrad
A critical assessment of EU Aid to Lebanon

Nataliya Yeremeyeva
Are there European norms of political involvement? Some considerations from the “New Institutionalist” perspective

Anna Sobolczyk
Why is Citizen Advice better recognised in the United Kingdom than in Poland?

Iwona Zielińska
The European Union in the homosexual discourse in Poland – an analysis

Adriana Mica
Would-be ‘European norms’ of decommunization in Romania

Marta Makowska
Competition policy as the obstacle for pharmaceutical companies’ development in the European Union

Part Two
The Impact of European Norms on the Post-Soviet Area

Olena Podolyan
Compliance with EU rules given no membership prospect: problems of modified conditionality

Tetiana Goncharova
European norms and the process of democratisation in  Ukraine: analysis of four Ukrainian pacts

Anna Lyubivaya
Difficulties in constructing the dialogue: Russia and Europe